A weekly roundup of Linux Kernel Mailing List threads but with a lot more sarcasm.

[PATCH 00/24] Kernel lockdown

This wins the “cool” award for this week. This patch set would provide a mechanism to prevent user-space from modifying the running kernel image.

[PATCH 0/2] Create an initial user-space API manual

As someone who is used to finding the specific commit messages in the kernel to use as the “docs”, this patch is YUGEEE.


Blast from the past! We used to use LEGO Mindstorms in college, this patch is for the driver for the battery.

[PATCH net-next 0/6] bpf: program testing framework

Introduces a BPF testing framework, which solves numerous problems with skb and xdp programs being difficult to test.

[PATCH v1 14] syscalls: Restore address limit after a syscall

Prevents a syscall from modifying the address limit of the caller. Patch could be used to mitigate