A weekly roundup of Linux Kernel Mailing List threads but with a lot more sarcasm.

Re: [scsi] scsi: ufs: don’t check unsigned type for a negative value

Human error when a reviewer spells their own email wrong. Jokes are made but all in good fun.

Re: [RFC PATCH 00/13] Introduce first class virtual address spaces

Someone tries to reinvent the wheel, realizes most of the functionality can already be achieved and sadly that their patch name is too “marketing”.

Re: [git pull] drm for v4.11 - main pull request

The drm subsystem is on the shit list this week for making Linus go all caps mode over nested defines & gcc warnings.

Re: [PATCH net-next RFC v1 00/27] afnetns: new namespace type for separation on protocol level

A new namespace is proposed to benefit container networking performance. This just neat imho and there is no drama yet which is the actual shocker.

Compiling kernels faster (was Re: v4.10: kernel stack frame pointer .. has bad value (null))

A thread that started as a bug, turned into a compiler version debate, morphed into a thread focusing on compiling kernels faster. Unsure if this can even be considered a bike shed or if it needs a new name.